Reunions & Classes


During a Reunion the 29 Degrees of the Scottish Rite are presented.

The Reunion is also a time to Initiate new members in search of More Masonic Light.

Degrees are either Dramatized or Communicated.

Dramatized degrees are presented in our beautiful auditorium utilizing our Props,  Scenery and Costumes making the presentation most real to the audience. The actors in each degree presented are all members of Scottish RIte. The Valley of Atlanta is blessed to have very talented individuals who perform like professionals. The Dramatized degrees are well choreographed  theatrical productions.

Each Reunion is presented in Honor of a Deceased Member. 

If you are a Freemason and member of a Blue Lodge recognized by the Grand Lodge of Georgia F & AM and wish to join Scottish Rite Freemasonry review the information for one of the upcoming Reunions. 

Upcoming Spring Reunion

Upcoming Fall Reunion