Personal Rep.

Personal Representative – E. Ray Knittel, 33º

On behalf of the officers and members, thank you for visiting the Valley of Atlanta, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. 
We hope that the information found her will encourage you to want to learn more about Scottish Rite and the many opportunities that it affords it’s members for improving themselves and serving mankind.
Spend some time reading and learning all about our charities such as our RiteCare Speech and Language Clinics, Scottish Rite Hospitals and our scholarship program available through the Scottish Rite Foundation of Georgia

It is indeed a high honor and privilege to be able to serve as the Personal Representative to the Deputy to the Supreme Council for the Valley of Atlanta.  I look forward to working to make the Valley of Atlanta the best that it can be.


E. Ray Knittel, 33º
Personal Representative


            Cohutta Lodge No. 64 – Cohutta, GA
               Received Entered Apprentice Degree May 4, 1978
               Received Fellowcraft Degree May 18, 1978
               Received Master’s Degree on June 8, 1978
               Past Master – 1982
               Secretary –  28 Years (1983 to 2008 and 2014 to present)
               Director of Work  –  1983 to 2008
               Perpetual Member
            Resaca Lodge No. 724 (Affiliated as a Plural Member – 2013)
43rd Tri-County Masonic Convention  –  Past Master – 1992
               Past President – Tri-County School of Instruction
               Past President – Whitfield/Murray Low-12 Club

            Seventh Masonic District Convention
               Past Master – 1998
               Past Secretary/Treasurer
               Past Director Leadership Development  –  7th Masonic District
               Past District Deputy to the Grand Master 
               Past Custodian of the Uniform Work for the 7th Masonic District
               Grand Representative to the Grand Lodge of North Carolina near the GL of GA

            York Rite:
  Western Chapter No. 80 RAM (2/25/1984)  –  Past High Priest 2008
  Walton C. Griffin Council No. 36 R&SM  (2/25/1984) – Past Ill. Master 2008
  St. John’s Commandery No. 19, KT (11/01/1986) – Past Em. Commander 2009
  Red Cross of Constantine, Rufus R White Conclave,  Past Sovereign, Currently Recorder  
  Rufus R White Council No. 310 – Allied Mas. Degrees – Past Sovereign Master 2011
  Knight of the York Cross of Honor – Cherokee Rose Priory No. 56 (8/31/2010)
  Luther G. Palmer York Rite College No. 125 (7/9/2011)
  Fidelitas Tabernacle No. 77, Holy Royal.Arch Knight Templar Priests (11/10/12)

            Scottish Rite:
               33° Inspector General Honourary  –  Valley of Atlanta

               Yaarab Temple, Atlanta

            The Royal Order of Scotland
               Georgia Highland Association  –  Royal Order of Scotland

            Georgia Lodge of Research

            DeMolay   –  Georgia Washington Chapter, Order of DeMolay

            National Soujourners – Member since 2012

Grand Master  –  2012-13  –  Appointed to the Grand Lodge Line (Third Grand    Steward) 2005 by MW Brother J. Edward Jennings, Jr.